Maybe spring has sprung?!

Some warm weather at last…we can start thinking about planting for summer. Herbaceous planting is bursting into life (see the peonies to the left)

The spring bulbs are still around- my dwarf narcissus (“Jumblie and “tete a tete”) and snowdrops are a particular joy









Cyclamen coum (below)  is beginning to naturalise in a few places in the garden, and whilst these are expensive to buy for a pretty small plant, they do eventually give you a wonderful display-note to self to get more in the autumn


Time to grab a few sprigs of the shrubby honeysuckle (Lonicera fragrantissima) see below which is a bit insignificant from a distance, but the scent is heavenly.


We are just rabbit fencing the gardens around the office to allow us to replant the borders which have been decimated. The one plant that is reliably rabbit proof is euphorbia characias- fortunately one of my favourites and a welcome blast of lime green at this time of year (see below)

Overall, now is a great time to see where the gaps are, plot the shapes and styles for the summer without there being too much in the way, and get the planting in with good time to settle and grow this season.

One response to “Maybe spring has sprung?!

  1. Lovely pics. So exciting at this time of year to see everything coming to life again after such a long, cold winter.

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