Lawncare blog and other news..

Yes ok it is MY FAULT.. to those of you avidly waiting for Carls lawncare blog, I am afraid I went skiing last week, and whilst the slopes of Courchevel really would have benefitted from a bit of lawncare (certainly not much of that white stuff we all crave) I did not manage to get Carls blog up. It is now there on the appropriate page, awaiting the fans.

An estate terrace in the making

While I was away, great progress was made at our large estate in Iver (see left)..and the 101 Camp Road garden continues to develop beautifully- have a look on that page of the blog for the new photos- the tree ferns have just arrived to sit below the deck and the terraces have had a good mow.



2 responses to “Lawncare blog and other news..

  1. Wow Ruth love the pics of the emerging terrace – looks lovely.


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