It’s raining-must be wimbledon!

Funny- I have always thought it rained at this time of year because I was putting irrigation systems in, but I am told it is more to do with a certain event in London SW19 rather than a personal vendetta against me!

Busy few weeks with some lovely planting going in and our wonderful water features now running on the Iver Estate. The turf is now in on the upper terrace with traditional box hedging parterre and the central temple restored. Views over to the furthest lake will be further improved in the coming weeks as the deer are being fenced into a different part of the estate to allow us to remove the fencing behind the main terrace. Lovely project to be involved in, if somewhat daunting in scale!

One response to “It’s raining-must be wimbledon!

  1. Hi,
    Looks great, quite a large space to landscape! I can tell you that box hedges and instant turf are popular here in Melbourne Australia, since the drought ended anyway:)

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