On the move 2…

Posted Auguest 30th

No we really are moving this weekend! Carolyn has spent a total of 15 hours on the phone to BT and admirably has not yet gone completely mad although they do try the patience of a saint. I have to vote BT the worlds WORST customer service organisation, and if they had no monopoly they would certainly be bankrupt. The comedy sketch of haing lost our order (twice), found it, delayed it, done the wrong thing, not activated the line, cut off the other phones etc goes on and is compounded by the fact that in the absence of a landline there is no communication with people trying to do networking at the office as there is currently no mobile signal there (although we are working on that too). As we speak Carolyn has been on hold for 13 minutes whilst someone from BT (who is denying that any of this is happening at all) contacts their own business department to confirm that it is. Carolyn may explode soon.

Anyway- we should be in within days albeit with Carolyn requiring hospitalisation. Lucs new work blog is up- just click on his page. Happy August all.


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