Up and running….we think!

After a tough week, including more madness from BT (cutting off the phone entirely, cutting off my home broadband just for fun, telling us we cannot keep our old number after 2 months of saying we can….) we think we are pretty much settled in the new office. The teething problems include the wasps nest in the highest part of the barn, the bat, the on-going saga of the patchy mobile signal, and the heating going from not working at all to volcanic.

Looks like we will, contrary to our previous notices, have to change the phone number. Please note the new one: 01494 818991. The second line will be in tomorrow so bear with us if you are struggling to get through.

Otherwise lots of exciting projects to work on, a redesign for a lovely converted school in Beaconsfield (welcome!), and a new client in Woodhill where we have one build drawing to a close and another about to start, completing a rooftop infinity pool in Holland Park and starting on the gardens for a lovely Alan Higgs Architects designed house in Hampstead.

I hope all of you with children at school have managed to brave the mountain of labelling and admin that goes with getting them back. I for one am mighty relieved!

Cheers All


One response to “Up and running….we think!

  1. You had to mention the mobile signal. I am on it, with new bits ordered and a tree climber arranged.

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