5 Top tips for Property sales

In the current market we are often asked to assist with sales and purchases. Dressing for sale, ensuring the “kerb appeal” is there, and sorting the interiors to look their best. We also visit properties with prosepctive purchasers to help them get an idea of what they might be able to do with a garden- particularly those on steep slopes of with awkward shapes.

Our top tips for getting it sold (with a bit of a garden focus!)

1) Clean really well-this includes the outside- keep leaves and weeds under control

2) Consider dressing the front of the house as you would the main rooms- add pots/planters or a little colourful planting to make sure you show it off to best advantage

3) Add a spot of colour in the front- a simple pot by the front door with whatever is currently in flower is a delightful touch at this time of year.

4) Trim hedges- now is a good time and this makes a huge difference to the look of the house

5) If you are selling at this time of year consider a run of exterior lights to the front garden if you dont have them- these can be temporary but will help people to see the space you have. Similarly, if your rear garden is a selling point, adding  5 or 6 lights means that it can be seen.

We can arrange all of the above, inside and out- feel free to get in touch!

We have also recently met with a number of architects and estate agents with ideas too so look forward to some new postings here with some tips!

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