New Year-New bloggers..

Woohoo here we go, the start of a fresh new year.

We all hope you have enjoyed the festive season and are as excited to get the new year underway as we are.

No one is more excited than me I am sure. Having completed a year of the lawn blog it seems I have earned my wings and the whole blog site is now in my hands. Although this means an end to the regular(ish) updates to the lawn blog, it doesnt mean I have turned my back on turf completely so if anyone has a question about lawns please contact us through e-mail and I will try to answer them.

So I aim to be bringing you regular updates on all kinds of goings on as we progress through the year. As yet I have no idea what these will be but I’m sure they will be nuggets of usefull information passed down from the team as they go about their work.

So a happy new year, let’s get cracking.


Carl Asquith

Director, Cool Gardens Landscaping

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