Saying Hello

Daniel’s  blog entrance

My name is Daniel and I am 17 years old. I am currently undergoing a two year work placement with Cool Gardens as part of my level three horticulture apprentiship at Capel Manor College.

I have been associated with Cool Gardens for quite a few years now, having done my G.C.S.E work experience with them in 2009 and working part time since then, so I was already amazed and interested in the work they produced. Now it’s a great pleasure to be a contributor to that work.

I am very much enjoying my placement so far, the four months I have spent full-time with Cool Gardens have been fun and educational but challenging at the same time. It feels good to learn new skills and gain greater knowledge and I hope that the rest of my apprenticeship  teaches just as well.


2 responses to “Saying Hello

  1. Nice to hear from a new team member Daniel and sure you will get lots of great experience with CoolGardens. Say hi to Ruth and Paula from me. Best wishes. Nicky.

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