Keep it wet this summer


Get ready for summer

It may seem a bit soon to be talking about summer, but I was thinking the other day about how good it would be to have some irrigation in the garden ready for this years dry spell, I am not talking about having a huge tank buried under the lawn harvesting the rain water off the house roof and then pumping the water over the  lawn via pop-up sprinklers, (which we can provide so please contact us if interested) I am talking about a small tap fed system that could be purchased as either a “boxed set” or a custom kit to suit my needs that is easy to install but felt like a proffesional piece of kit that i could add to and adapt as I needed.

Well i am pleased to tell you that we are now offering a tap fed irrigation kit that can be installed easily by yourself. All you would need is an outside tap with reasonable pressure and one of our kits and you are ready to go.

Each kit will include a battery powered timer (single or dual zone), 50 meters of pipe and all the fittings you would need. It is easy to set up or for a small fee an engineer could deliver the kit and demonstrate how to connect it all up.

Alternatively if you would prefer a system tailor made to fit your garden, maybe you know what you want or just require some more fittings to extend your set up then this can be easily arranged.

I had hoped to put up some prices with this but I have not got round to finalising the kit yet. Until then for more information please contact me by email at

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