Freezing feb


This is the view from the office, as nice as it is we were all hoping that it would have cleared by now, especially our guys that are trying to work outside.

So far the weather has only caused one burst valve on an irrigation system and one van needing to be towed out of a clients property but I’m sure this list will continue before the snow disappears completely.

The most amusing thing I have seen so far was some of the contractors having their lunch in a shed with a hot air gun running for a bit of heating. I almost felt guilty climbing back into my nice warm van and heading for the toasty warm office, the important word is almost.

If you have not seen it already Luc has updated his placement blog with a report on how his Christmas tree project went, I’m glad to say it went much better than most people predicted but I won’t spoil it for you here when you can check it out yourselves on his post.

Don’t get too cold out there,


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