The Value of Great Landscaping

I was asked to write a very short article on the value of great landscaping for our friends at ClearPlan Project Management-(www. so I thought it would be good to reproduce here in slightly longer form. It was hard to prioritise and cram what is normally a 2 hour debate into a few short headings, but here goes…

The value of Great Landscape Gardening

Money well spent…

Much of our work is with up-market developers- not people who are  renown for throwing money around- if a developer is prepared to spend money on getting a garden looking good you can bet that it pays for itself!

Good design is affordable and adds value to the property

For most people a good terrace is a minimum-remember that it costs no more to build a well designed terrace than a poorly thought through rectangle that the builders chuck on the back of the house. A good garden design will cost less than 10% of what you will spend on doing the work, and may well save you more than that.

What the estate agents say….

A garden is a real asset- to get a premium on your house it will be expected to have a good dining and entertaining space and even the tiniest garden can be used to achieve an “indoors-outdoors” vibe. Lighting makes the views from the house wonderful through the evenings and all year round so is worth considering. Consider the garden to be like a spare living room- highly visible and possibly delightful- it can change the feel of the whole ground floor by providing views and enticing one out into the space.

It lifts the soul…

There is no doubt that walking out on a sunny spring morning to view a well planned view, an early showing of a new flower, or to sit in a scented arbour in summer is a priceless pleasure. When the world all feels a bit much, the simple pleasure of planting, scents and somewhere lovely to sit is hard to beat!

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