It’s all going on

It’s all very exciting around here at the moment, now that grand designs is over we turn our sights on the RHS Hampton court flower show.

We will be building a design by the lovely Jo Hanslip, at the moment the prototypes for a very interesting water feature are being constructed and it’s really enjoyable to be making bespoke items and dealing with all the challenges doing so brings. Especially with a time limit in place such as the start of the show on the 3rd of July, I look forward to seeing you all there.

So what else has been going on I hear you cry, well everything from connecting an outside television to an HD sky box some thirty meters away inside a house that is also connected to a video camera in a pond, to standing in an underground tank with waders on plumbing in a water feature. It’s not all glamour.


If I look less than pleased in that shot its because i had just discovered my waders leaked and couldn’t manage to climb out till I had cut the top of the tank off.

Thats it for now, hopefully by the next update it might have stopped raining.


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