Hampton Court Medal Success!

We are delighted that our recent collaboration with up and coming designer Jo Hanslip has been recognised with a silver medal at the Hampton Court Flower Shown- the largest horticultural show in Europe. It was a highly technical build and the team were all magnificent. Our huge thanks to all involved- the RHS deemed the build quality to be excellent and Jo provided a challenging and highly ambitious design to be proud of! A few photos are below- if ever the sun shines again we will take some more.

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The concept explores the idea of the stages that one goes through in the event of shock or loss- a message pertinent to these difficult times. Each basket of planting uses plants with a meaning linked to that stage- beginning and ending with lillies (meaning “peace”). The planting baskets are suspended in “cages” made from perspex tubing with water bubbling up inside representing the turbulence around us at all times. The stages are linked by rills, and the sound of water is calming and blocks out the surrounding noise.  The planting around is a wonderful mix of grasses, moving on the wind.

Do come and visit usI the garden is called “Free Fall” TH68 on the main showground with the show gardens.

One response to “Hampton Court Medal Success!

  1. Fantastic news, congratulations to the whole team!

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