BT Tower climb

Today at just after 10am a team of ten of us set off to climb the BT tower to help raise money for the charity Action on Hearing loss. Despite having to climb the 34 floors of London’s most iconic landmark I am very pleased to report that we all made it (just) to the top.

It all went very well and I have never been so pleased to see a sofa and a glass of water, followed by a delicious pastry and then some bubbly that is laid on by the organisers of the event. If desired then a masseuse was on hand to tend to weary muscles as you can see.


It was worth the climb just to see the amazing view over the city as can be seen in these pictures behind a rather tired team.

I am also really pleased to say that we have raised well over £1000 for the charity and its still coming in. If you would like to sponsor us after the event then log on to: the page is titled Cool Climb, and then click your preferred payment method.

Thank you to everyone who donated to us and thanking all of you in advance who are going to donate after reading this.

One response to “BT Tower climb

  1. Well done guys. Fantastic effort. X

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