Lovely garden to show off!

I am delighted to show some images (kindly taken for us on a better day than today by the lovely Judith) of a recent collaboration in Buckinghamshire. Our client asked us to design a warm and attractive setting for their home in Chalfont Heights that was undergoing some major renovations. Our friend Waseem Malik of GA Constructions has completed an incredible makeover of the house, and then moved into the garden to build the design that we created with our clients. With some amazing bespoke garden buildings, a delightful central brick “petal parterre” and lawns and paths to lead you into the garden this completes a thorough transformation, making great use of the surrounding woodland and some existing mature trees.








With a simple frontage and driveway to work with an upgraded garage we just needed some structure for the front. We found some lovely standard ilex trees and planted them last week.



Congratulations to all involved, not least our clients who have planted the garden themselves really beautifully- it is not only a stunning garden but has been a lovely journey and the results speak for themselves.

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