What a tree..

Coolgardens Christmas trees have been going great guns; we are supplying 6 local schools with trees as a money raiser for the PTA groups as well as a wide range of local clients. 10% of the proceeds go directly to the local school, and Jordans community shop is a new client for this year too. Michael is running around the county with deliveries, and despite a few van troubles it all is going well. It is a lovely opportunity to catch up with people we havent seen for a while as well as adding to the coffers of the schools.This one was a different challenge for a local client requiring our friends at Visibility lighting to come up with a huge set of lights and Brian our tree man to provide some climbing action to get it fitted. It all looks wonderful and the neighbours are apparently as delighted as our client!

Ijsbrandy tree

2 responses to “What a tree..

  1. Thanks for the fantastic even and beautifully proportioned tree that Michael brought round, it was so big, we had to go out and buy more decorations. Merry Christmas to the whole CG team!!

  2. It soundsabsolutely lovely and the neighbours get to enjoy it as well which is great. Pity you don’t extend your service to the Highlands of Scotland!! JEM

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