Hedge ideas…my cunning notches!

I have for years been telling people that a large hedge can be not only a thing of beauty and a screen, but also create a frame for a view and a change in perspective. I often cite the notches in my own mixed native hedges since these are not often thought of as decorative in the way that a more formal yew hedge might be. 

Below is the view from my kitchen sink- anyone would think I planned it! A large hedge forms the boundary and protects the house from the north wind across the field, but the notch allows us to see the views beyond, and frames the marvellous oak in the next field.

Yes I know the hedge needs a trim, but I have been dealing with moles and the hedge is lower on my priority list! The rape field is a stunning vision through the notch nonetheless.

2 responses to “Hedge ideas…my cunning notches!

  1. Britta Lewinski

    Hi Ruth and Phil and Co, just recommended you and started reading your blog. This framed view very much reminds me of the Japanese gardens, where they very often bring the outside landscape inside, as part of their own garden. Forgot the Japanese term, but I am sure you’ll find it! Best wishes, Britta

    • Yes indeed- a “borrowed view” – how nice of you to read the blog, it is a little out of date and we have lots of articles coming up this year, do follow us and we will let you know when we publish. We are also on Twitter as @coolgardens and @waycoolgardens!

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