The pots are unveiled…

For those looking for the plants I have edited the post to capture the plants we actually used (as opposed to the other van load we took back to the office!) You will find all the photos and names in the previous post. 

Philip Simmonds has now unveiled his amazing sculptural ceramics (can’t really call them pots!) and they look simply wonderful. This has been a delightful collaboration where the pieces are the stars of the show, and the planting is designed to complement and dress the garden. We think it very successful. Our thanks to all of Philips’ team as well as our own of course. The atmosphere at Chelsea is always a delight, and we are proud to be part of it. Looking forward to the preview day tomorrow.

2 responses to “The pots are unveiled…

  1. Jean Marshall

    I wanted to say how very well the planting team did on this occasion. The pots are obviously the prima donnas and the planting has been done with great thought and skill to achieve the balance which they have. A most successful planting, well done. Jean M.

    • Thanks so much – we worked hard to make sure Philip’s wonderful pots were the stars of the show rather than grabbing all the attention with our planting so I am delighted the effect was restrained. Always really hard to do when there are som many delightful plants to choose from!

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