Lawn Tips Extra

Over the next few weeks we are going to cover some simple lawn tips that are relevant for this time of year, some of this will already have been covered in the main lawn blog but its always good to cover again in case you missed it or don’t want to sift through my ramblings to find what you need.

So here we are at the start of June and first of all you will want to inspect the lawn. Don’t be tempted to just look at one part as things can change across the lawn depending on the conditions of soil or shade in each area.

Lets focus on weeds, if you only have a few weeds dotted about then give the lawn a light feed with fertiliser and then dig out the individual weeds (a sharp pocket knife is good here) making sure you remove the whole root. Just taking the top off will not remove the problem and it will just come back later. Alternatively spot treat the weeds with a weed killer if you prefer.

If your weed problem is a bit more severe apply a weed and feed to the entire lawn this will green up the lawn encouraging it to spread out and cover the areas that had weeds once they are killed off.
Next week we will look at colour.

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