Cool gardens plant of the week #1

We thought we would see if we can choose a plant for every week of the year this year- based in plants seen by us personally so no cheating!

There are a surprising number of options to choose from in the burgeoning Spring-like weather, but this week I am choosing Winter Aconite  (Eranthis hyemalis). These are tuberous perennials for sun or part shade- propagate from seed or divide tubers after flowering and you will soon have a delightful later winter/early spring show. They are not usually cheap and take a little while to get going, but very satisfying at this time of year, and seem to be left alone by the rabbits and other pests that usually attack my garden. Fine in pretty much any soil- they apparently prefer it alkaline (which is what these are in). Look out for them “in the green” (i.e. in pots or bags) after flowering as this is a good way to get them going.
Suggestions for next week most welcome! 

2 responses to “Cool gardens plant of the week #1

  1. The two plants looking good in my garden at the moment are the Mahonia and Viburnum Bodnantense – if you are stuck for a plant in the next couple of m0nths I could send you photos, but they may not be what you are looking for. Jean Marshall

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