Coolgardens Plant of the week #4

So far all of these are from my garden- let’s see how long I can keep this up…

Hellebore- Helleborus orientalis, or Lenten rose. These are a joy in winter, usually flowering in later February or early March. Distinct from the helleborus niger which flowers earlier but is less pretty in form and colours, and foetidus, which is interesting but does smell as it sounds! 

Very easy to grow, hellebores like dappled or even quite deep shade, and prefer the soil to be reasonably well drained and not too dry. In these positions they will naturally hybridise (get some dark purple and some white or pink and see what happens!). 
We usually clear the old leaves from beneath the emerging flowers as they can look really messy and detract from the beautiful new flowers. The flowers hang down they they particularly suit planting in raised planters where you can look up into them.

One response to “Coolgardens Plant of the week #4

  1. We’re trying pink and white this year 🙂

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