Coolgardens Plant of the week #10- Chelsea Highlights (there’s about 8 here!)

In the build up to Chelsea I have missed a week, so here are my choices from the wealth of wonderful planting that is Chelsea each year. I have been going regularly since I was a child, and with a slightly different eye on things every year for the last 15 years or so- I am always amazed by the fact that there is always, always, something surprising and new. Whether this is a plant we hadn’t thought to use in the way it is shown, a new variety of an old favourite plant, or a design idea, feature, sculpture or treatment. Thanks to all the exhibitors for a stunning show despite the reduced number of show gardens.

So here they are- the Iris colours were so wonderful that I could hardly decide between them. I will certainly be putting in a big order. The supplier was Cayeux- they have a fab brochure and good web site so well worth a look. I decided on Iris ‘Nelly Tardivier’, which I will mix with Iris ‘Black Suited’ an amazing black form.

And then lighten up the display with one of the almost peachy coloured varieties, either Iris ‘Torero’….

Or probably Iris ‘Joy de Rohan’

I could carry on and fill my entire garden with Iris but there are of course some other candidates. The Clematis were simply stunning, and displayed at or below eye level which worked really well. The suppliers Raymond Evison were knowledgeable and helpful, and the range of clematis inspirational. Below is Clematis ‘crystal fountain’ (with ‘Rebecca’ too on the right)

Plenty of more subtle options, such as ‘Corinne’ which I thought delightful

Finally, on the Hillier stand and elsewhere a variety of digitalis I have not seen before, Digitalis x valinii ‘Illumination Cherry Brandy’ and ‘Illumination Pink’

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