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Flood garden now complete

We have enjoyed very much working with our lovely clients on a garden for a flood plain. The existing space around the house was flat and uninteresting and needed some depth and maturity of planting to get around the feeling of a padi flied. The new build house needed some softening, and there was a need for some raised level parking to allow access to the house over a walkway when flooded as it floods up to 1m in depth. The brick structure around the treatment plant (see below) was also a complete eyesore that needed screening, as did the neighbour’s sheds.

From this….

2014-06-05 10.55.44

To this….


From this ….


To this…


From this…..


To this…


Check out our wonderful HUGE mulberries…


And the new “breeze House” on top of the treatment plant


Its a lovely garden- very proud of everyone and grateful to our clients for letting us create something so unusual.


Lovely garden to show off!

I am delighted to show some images (kindly taken for us on a better day than today by the lovely Judith) of a recent collaboration in Buckinghamshire. Our client asked us to design a warm and attractive setting for their home in Chalfont Heights that was undergoing some major renovations. Our friend Waseem Malik of GA Constructions has completed an incredible makeover of the house, and then moved into the garden to build the design that we created with our clients. With some amazing bespoke garden buildings, a delightful central brick “petal parterre” and lawns and paths to lead you into the garden this completes a thorough transformation, making great use of the surrounding woodland and some existing mature trees.








With a simple frontage and driveway to work with an upgraded garage we just needed some structure for the front. We found some lovely standard ilex trees and planted them last week.



Congratulations to all involved, not least our clients who have planted the garden themselves really beautifully- it is not only a stunning garden but has been a lovely journey and the results speak for themselves.

Plants from the Hampton Court Garden

We have so many lovely plants in the garden, some were added or changed from the published list so here are the ones we are being asked about most:

Primula salvana


Persicaria purple fantasy


Hosta ‘Praying Hands’


Astilbe chinensis ‘purpurkerze’


Tiarella ‘Spring Symphony’


RHS Hampton court garden- sneaky preview…

Well we have finally finished- all bar the last cleaning and final primping. Fantastic work by the whole team both in the office and at the show- it looks amazing. Check out the BBC coverage Monday evening as they were filming this morning on the garden.





We have Alex our photographer coming tomorrow so we will get some better photos, and hopefully after the judging tomorrow we will all have a bit more time. If you like the garden do please go and vote for it on the RHS website click here

Looking forward to some sleep at some point- many thanks to all our wonderful suppliers and patient clients.

Moving the trees in at Hampton Court

I wasn’t able to be there today so spent the entire day bugging the team for photos….the ones below are the trees coming in and being moved into place- all very exciting.





Now on site at Hampton Court

The team started on site and Hampton Court Yesterday. So far all has gone well- the rear wall frame is up and the trees were brought in today by Ruskins. As ever our huge thanks to them for their care and good humour.


The trees are in place and the frame for the sunken garden too.

The metal work is due to arrive tomorrow when the fun really begins.

Watch this space!

Hampton Court flower show garden underway

Per-build offsite was pretty smooth last week with Lee and Dean building the structures in a field much to the amusement of walkers on the Chiltern Way which goes past our drive.


The sheep were kind of keen too!

Carl will be leading the build, and the van is loaded with the stuff we need tomorrow and ready to roll into Hampton Court and start there.

The benching has arrived and looks wonderful too.



Alex Relph our wonderful metal worker has done an awesome job on the handrails which I am really looking forward to seeing put in place. We will update once we are on site.

Good luck all


Classic country house

I was recently asked to revisit one of our old friends and clients in Hurley. The landscaping has now had a chance to settle and the new build house ( completed a year or so ago) is already beginning to settle into the fantastic countryside. The brief was for elegance and simplicity, to incorporate a large koi pond and provide appropriate access and screening to the house without closing off the views. We think this has been very successful.






Happy new(ish) year

A belated happy new year to you all, and just as we get going the snow arrives.

We are busy busy busy, and have certainly hit the ground running this year hence the delay in getting a new blog posted. A bit like the end of last year where we were flat out right up until the last day. Especially with preparing the office for our successful office gig. We hosted an office party with a live band (the very talented Hannah Scott performed) and with lights and smoke machines donated by one of our lovely clients it was a fantastic event attended by clients, contractors and staff.

We have lots of very exciting projects coming up for spring so our designers have plenty to get stuck into at the start of this year. I have seen lots of lakes and streams and fountains which are always interesting and enjoyable to build.

Keep warm, speak soon.


Stylish contemporary courtyard

We are delighted to have just finished this contemporary courtyard. The space was previously a completely wasted “side return” by the kitchen, but is now an amazing dining/seating and entertaining space.