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February already?

This week has seen us start a new project in Penn, a new house build is underway and we have started work on the back garden. At the moment we have just been removing a mountain of muck to get us to the blank canvas we require before the magic begins.

As you can see its just an empty site ready for the main work to commence. the first tasks are putting in a soak away, drainage and the irrigation tank and pipe runs. Once that’s done we can start with the hard landscaping which will consist of a patio next to the house, a house which is yet to be constructed. Then an upper, middle and lower lawn with a sweeping path between two of the levels that is intersected buy some steps which provide a choice on how to walk between the lawns. Lots of lush planting will surround the lawn areas and will mark the divide between the first two levels. With the bottom most part being a less formal lawn area so there is somewhere the children can play without causing any damage.

Once the house has been built we will go to the front and turn it into a driveway that also houses the bin and bike stores with more planting and trees which will soften the look.

Elsewhere we have started to work on a very nice plot at Wentworth golf course. Mainly still in design but the tree surgeons have been set loose to prepare for a very exciting piece of landscaping work. There is so much more going on at the moment but I don’t have the time to tell you.

The future is looking very bright.

New irrigation page here!

We have information leaflets on landscape timings, costings, planting etc which I am in the process of loading up to the blog so that our clients and other can see them- the first, our Irrigation Q and A is now up on its own page- do have a look. We think irrigation is wonderful, and can be done is a responsible way, using micro-sprinklers at night is much more water efficient than running a huge hose sprinkler in the daytime heat. We can show you ways to conserve water and to explore rainwater harvesting from your roof. Clearly nothing replaces a face to face conversation, but there are some general points that can be covered here.

happy gardening..