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Contemporary garden studio

We have recently finished this lovely garden for a client in nearby Penn


With a contemporary deck, fire bowl and built in seating this is a really stylish treatment of what was a very plain garden. We are really excited about how it looks- particularly in the evenings when the cosy inside-outside space is shown to its best

We are grateful to Laura for letting us loose on her gardens!




Flood garden now complete

We have enjoyed very much working with our lovely clients on a garden for a flood plain. The existing space around the house was flat and uninteresting and needed some depth and maturity of planting to get around the feeling of a padi flied. The new build house needed some softening, and there was a need for some raised level parking to allow access to the house over a walkway when flooded as it floods up to 1m in depth. The brick structure around the treatment plant (see below) was also a complete eyesore that needed screening, as did the neighbour’s sheds.

From this….

2014-06-05 10.55.44

To this….


From this ….


To this…


From this…..


To this…


Check out our wonderful HUGE mulberries…


And the new “breeze House” on top of the treatment plant


Its a lovely garden- very proud of everyone and grateful to our clients for letting us create something so unusual.


Inverewe garden visit

I visited earlier this week the fabulous gardens at Inverewe on the west coast of Scotland. This gem of a garden, now owned by the National Trust for Scotland, is a true delight. Originally planted in the 1880’s on a barren coastal stretch, it is now a lush and inspirational landscape. It holds the National Collection of Rhododendron barbatum ( see some images below) and features many magnificent plants that are typically not fully hardy in the UK even “down south”

The highlights for me are hard to separate between the most wonderful specimen turkey oak (Quercus cerris Argentovariegata)


…..and a whole host of amazing wetland and shady planting …




Sublime pond planting is really striking, and of course the Rhododendron barbatum specimens which were breathtaking!



The terraces adjacent to the sea are stunning, with large hedging for windbreaks higher up…


This all protecting the upper terraces from the Atlantic winds…



I am really jealous of the Echiums which I have barely managed to overwinter in a sheltered Buckinghamshire garden- yet these look fabulous here..



Many other treasures- iris in particular, and simply wonderful clumps of ferns and gunnera



Watch this space for some more photos…

RHS Hampton court garden- sneaky preview…

Well we have finally finished- all bar the last cleaning and final primping. Fantastic work by the whole team both in the office and at the show- it looks amazing. Check out the BBC coverage Monday evening as they were filming this morning on the garden.





We have Alex our photographer coming tomorrow so we will get some better photos, and hopefully after the judging tomorrow we will all have a bit more time. If you like the garden do please go and vote for it on the RHS website click here

Looking forward to some sleep at some point- many thanks to all our wonderful suppliers and patient clients.

Deliveries safely in

A long day but all 3 artics arrived, were offloaded safely and have gone again


This was the first one- the Corylus for Hampton Court- they are being stored at our client site in Wentworth.

The second lorry was the really big trees- 5 box head tilias (lime). They really are comically large and took enormous skill from the Ruskins team to get them moved.



The third truck was crammed with treasures..


Large carpinus columns, magnificent acers, magnolias, liquidambar, hamamelis and a gingko all were moved into the site ready to start planting tomorrow



Big trees

Our last major delivery of the rootball season is coming in from Germany on Wednesday, with the big trees for Wentworth and our Corylus for the Hampton Court Garden coming in. We have 3 arctics delivering to 2 locations, and our friends at Ruskinstrees have been commissioned to do the specialist tree offloading and moving. Since they have to come out though the roof of the truck specialist equipment is essential!


These monsters have a 2.5m rootball and are around 3m tall with a 2.5m spread. We are putting them in a “spring ring” which is a much better way to keep rootball stock than a plastic container.
Watch this space and we will post some images of the moving.