What people say about us…

Ok so this is the shameless bit, but so many people say such nice things about us, we felt we wanted somewhere to put them!


Hi Carl

Firstly it looks superb, Emma and I are really chuffed- we are really very happy to the point of being quite embarrassed at what a Chelsea show looking garden we’re going to have…ok embarrassed for about 5 secs before making sure all our friends are totally jealous!!

Dear Ruth, dear Vicki,

Just a quick note to thank you for our lovely garden, that will no doubt grow into an even more superb garden when all the plants get growing and well established. Everything you did was perfect : the communication (you did what you said !), the response time, you and your guys are super friendly and extremely efficient (please pass our thanks onto the team).


A lot of businesses could learn from your professionalism and dynamism !


Looking forward to receiving the customer survey : 12 out 10 !!!!


Look I know this sounds like we made this one up but we didnt!

Hi Ruth

I am absolutely delighted with the “blitz” of my back garden. When I think back to our initial phone conversation I said that parts of the garden were overgrown and certain plants taking over. I didn’t know what to take out or how brutally to prune. Worse still, I was also running out of room, which meant I was unable to buy more plants!

The advice you and Vicki gave was spot on. A number of plants have come out, creating more space for the ones around them and the “brutal” pruning I feared has been done professionally! The back bed is now deeper, but following the original line.

Best of all your team did all the heavy work and so quickly! I have to compliment you on your team. They were not only hardworking and courteous, but really cheerful, despite the appalling weather, really pleasant to have around.


Cool Gardens achieved exactly what I wanted and in record time. It was a great investment.

Just one quibble (and not one I make often) – I don’t think you’ve charged enough.

I am so delighted with the job, I really would like to pay you enough so please do amend you invoice accordingly.

Thank you again and do drop by for coffee any time!

“I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with what Dave and his team have been doing in our garden- I have been out in it for the last 2 weekends with my little boy and it has been lovely to be able to enjoy it without the nagging worry about what needs doing. We both agree that it has never looked so good at this time of year. Thank you for all your hard work.” 14.3.11


“Thanks Ruth and thaks to the team for the hard work, it has made a real difference to the whole garden and is looking great. ” 2.2.11

“Just to let you know, as I came back, both swings were in use in the snow, with snow men built around them and small people having fun” 2.12.10

“Thanks for an excellent job and pleasant co-operations” 26.11.10

“Just wanted to ay how pleased I am with the patio, it received the seal of approval yesterday from my daughter and her children- cant be bad- the whole project went smoothly and please pass my thanks and compliments to the whole. gang. I understand you are doing some work now for my neighbours which is pretty satisfying. ” 23.7.10


“I do love the things you’ve done to our garden so not difficult to enthuse” 4.2.11

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